Moroccan Inspired Washi Tape Set

Moroccan Inspired Washi Tape Set

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Transport yourself to the vibrant world of Moroccan design with our exquisite Washi Tape Set. This collection draws inspiration from the intricate patterns and geometric motifs found in traditional Moroccan tiles, bringing a touch of exotic elegance to your creative projects.

Product Details:

  • Design: Moroccan Inspired Geometric Patterns
  • Quantity: 12 Rolls
  • Length: Each roll is 3 meters long
  • Box Size: 11cm x 3.5cm x 8cm

Variety in Every Box: Each set includes a carefully curated assortment of 12 rolls in various widths, allowing you to explore your creativity in multiple ways:

  • 6 rolls at 1cm width
  • 2 rolls at 1.5cm width
  • 2 rolls at 2cm width
  • 2 rolls at 3cm width

Endless Possibilities: With our Moroccan Inspired Washi Tape Set, your imagination knows no bounds. Here are some delightful ways to use these tapes:

  • Journaling: Decorate your diaries, planners, and journals with these elegant patterns.
  • Gift Wrapping: Add a touch of exotic flair to your presents and make them truly memorable.
  • Crafting: Perfect for taping off sections in art projects, scrapbooking, and DIY crafts.
  • Home Decor: Elevate your home decor by incorporating these tapes into furniture makeovers, wall art, and more.
  • Party Decor: Create stunning party decorations, from banners to table settings, for a unique and festive atmosphere.

Premium Quality: Our washi tapes are crafted with care, featuring vibrant and long-lasting colors. The adhesive is gentle on surfaces, ensuring easy application and removal without leaving residue behind.

Bring a Touch of Morocco to Your Creations: Unleash your inner artist and let the allure of Moroccan design enhance your projects. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just getting started, the Moroccan Inspired Washi Tape Set is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Order your set today and embark on a creative adventure filled with the beauty and elegance of Moroccan-inspired patterns!

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