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Want to be a Featured Artist?

Gallery and Supplies, LLC DBA The Artist Life (T.A.L.) regularly features artists on their website, There is no charge to the artist and selection of Featured Artists are at the discretion of T.A.L.

T.A.L. will not ask for compensation from the Featured Artist and the Featured Artist shall not ask or require compensation from Gallery and Supplies, LLC The Artist Life.

HOWEVER, if a Featured Artist chooses to be part of The Artist Life Brand Ambassador Affiliate Program, compensation to the Brand Ambassador for customer referrals is available. If interested in the Brand Ambassador Affiliate Program, follow this link for more information. 

T.A.L.’s intent is to promote artists and creators through a mutually beneficial partnership. T.A.L. will promote the Featured Artist on its website, social media accounts, and in T.A.L.’s subscriber newsletter. In return, T.A.L asks that the Featured Artist include links to their Featured Artist page on their own social media accounts, they comment positively about T.A.L., and that at least one photo features the artist either using a T.A.L product or a photo of the product in their studio.

The Featured Artist shall include a photo(s) using T.A.L. product(s).

The Featured Artist shall include a quote about the T.A.L. product(s).

The T.A.L. Featured Artist shall include a biography, photos of the artist at work, and photos of the artist’s artwork. While T.A.L.'s intent is to empower artists and encourage the purchase of their artwork, as well as the purchase of T.A.L.’s products, T.A.L. reserves the option of not including these links if there is a conflict with competing products (art supplies). It is not prudent for T.A.L. to drive traffic to a competitor. 

Please submit:

  • Name and contact info.
  • Links to the social media accounts or website that you would like included.
  • Biography or Artist Spotlight. Describe yourself, your art and your inspiration.
  • Photos of your art.
  • Photo(s) of you.
  • Photo(s) of you using one or more of T.A.L.‚Äôs products or a photo of T.A.L.‚Äôs product in your studio.
  • People are interested in you, your art, and your creative space.
  • Include a quote or positive comment about T.A.L.‚Äôs product(s).
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