We are thankful for our Artist Life community and we are grateful for the chance to donate our time, art products and monetarily with the goal of bettering the lives of others.


i5 Freedom Network's mission is to end human trafficking so that all may live with freedom and dignity.

  1. ​To provide Survivors life skills for a path forward and away from the life of human trafficking

  2. To empower the hospitality industry to become heroes in the fight against human trafficking

  3. To mobilize entire communities to join the fight to end human trafficking

Learn more and donate here.

  • The Artist Life donated $200.00 to the i5 Freedom Network in February 2023 - a portion of sales for January, which is human trafficking awareness month.

One ATTA Time's mission is to provide families around the world access to clean drinking water one atta time. They do this by partnering with local leaders and empowering them to provide water filtration kits to those suffering from water related diseases.

Learn more and donate here.

  • The Artist Life's co-founder, Erin Anderson, first began supporting One ATTA Time during her Pacific Crest Trail hike. Erin promoted awareness of the organization and asked for her followers to support the organization throughout her PCT trek from the border of Mexico to Canada.
  • The Artist Life's art director, Shannon Rurup, is actively involved with One ATTA Time and has participated in charitable trips with the organization - documenting their mission through her photography.
  • The Artist Life made a monetary donation to One ATTA Time in February 2023.

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