About Us

At The Artist Life, we are more than just a lifestyle brand; we are a vibrant community of women who celebrate the artistry in everyday living. Founded by a group of passionate and talented women, our brand is a testament to the power of creativity, diversity, and empowerment.

Our Story:
The Artist Life was born out of a shared belief that life is a canvas waiting to be painted with moments of beauty, inspiration, and self-expression. As artists of our own lives, we set out to curate a unique space that blends art, culture, and lifestyle into a harmonious tapestry.
Who We Are:
We are a collective of artists, designers, writers, and visionaries who are dedicated to infusing creativity into every aspect of life. Our team is diverse, representing various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, and this diversity fuels our creativity and innovation.
Our Mission:
At the core of The Artist Life is our mission to inspire and empower women to live authentically, embrace their creativity, and find beauty in the everyday. We believe that art is not limited to canvases and galleries but can be found in the way we dress, decorate our homes, cook our meals, and connect with one another.


Meet the Team

Linda Martin, CEO

 Nancy Moses, COO


Erin Anderson, Creative Visionary



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