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About Us

La Vie d'Artiste. The Artist Life.

a woman-owned, California LLC
The Artist Life crew team
From Left: Erin Anderson (COO), Katee Fairon (Model), Linda Martin (CEO), Linda Schrab (Singer, Artist), and Allise Pelham (Artist).


Born amid existential reflection, The Artist Life is an affirmation of all we desire for our lives.
    • Be authentic. You define you.
    • Live by your own expectations.
    • Express yourself - in your art, your lifestyle, and your appearance.
    • Romanticize your life, and then live it.¬†¬†

La Vie d'Artiste. The Artist Life.


Fellow Artists,

Our collections are curated and created with adventure in mind. As we envision The Artist Life, we put together travel art sets and items that allow you to take your creativity on the road. Beyond art supplies, our collection contains artist smocks and aprons, hats, berets, and oddities for the curious artist.

All orders are lovingly packaged and fulfilled from our California Warehouse. 

See you soon!

Linda Martin, Founder and CEO

Erin Anderson, Founder and COO


About the Founders

Linda Martin and Erin Anderson


Linda Martin
Linda Martin, CEO

A veteran
entrepreneur, Linda has built a successful Skin Care line, as well as a brick and mortar skin treatment business. Linda brings an intuitive ability to listen and understand clients’ needs and desires and offer them products and services that result in happy, loyal clients.

Linda's motivational leadership style encourages her team to do their very best and to always remember that our goal is happy and loyal clients. 


Erin Anderson, COO

Erin's background includes years wandering the globe. She has worked to climb at Yosemite National Park, taught English as a second language remotely while living in a shack on a Thai beach. She's successfully promoted craft soda in the artisanal jungles of Seattle, and she's hiked the entire Pacific Crest Travel in one season.

Most recently, Erin has helped build the logistical framework for one of the most promising female active-wear companies in California, including their retail e-commerce site. Erin's experience in logistics, shipping and inventory management, as well as her marketing and communications experience make her an invaluable asset to The Artist Life. In addition, her spirited artist life is truly inspiring.

From Erin's journal. A moment of Zen

...from the waterfall we followed the path down to the valley, all the while catching glimpses through the trees of a grassy opening. When the trail broke free of the forest, we were enveloped in warm sunshine, caressed by a cool breeze.

    Wild grass stretched before us and, choosing a shady spot on the edge of the meadow, we spread our blanket and opened our daypacks. Wine, snacks, watercolors...

   I took off my shoes and let the grass tickle my feet. Then pouring a round, we settled in. My first sip was bright and full of flavor. I let the cool liquid flood my parched mouth and thought, "Could this day be any more perfect?" Even the outdoor bouquet of pine, waterfalls and wild flowers paired well with the drink. The forest soundtrack of birds singing, the faint roar of distant falls, and the wind playing in the trees completed my sensory immersion.

     This is my place and my time. I am present, and I made this happen. Surveying the valley, I turned my eyes east... and there it stood - still taking my breath away after so many summers - Half Dome.

     I decided on the subject of the day's painting. Another time it would be Vernal Falls, or Tuolome Meadows, but today it would be the majestic guardian of Yosemite Valley... Half Dome. 

The photo below shows one of our family artist picnics in Yosemite valley. Half Dome can be seen in the distance. Erin spent three summers after college working and rock climbing and painting in Yosemite. 

Yosemite Valley picnic

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