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  • Featured Artist Ember Blythe Estridge

      I make illustrative art that is explorative and eclectic in nature. Using vivid colors and whimsical themes, I seek to use art as a tool for cop...
  • Featured Artist Marian Jones

    In my photography, I'm drawn to the abstract qualities found in the movement of sand. I'm always amazed at its beauty.  What I've been able to ca...
  • Featured Artist Laura Waller

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Laura Waller graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Newcomb College of Tulane University and received her Master’s Degr...
  • Featured Artist Regina Argentin

      Regina Argentin explores the subconscious in saturated color gradations that create distilled imagery layered into representational and abstract ...
  • Featured Artist - Dani Van Liefde

    The process of building something that wasn't only interesting to look at but could be also used in everyday life was what initially drew me to ceramics.


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