September’s Featured Artist - Antigone Damigou

Antigone Damigou, a talented Greek travel artist, illustrator, and urban sketcher, possesses an unwavering passion for beauty, nature, and exploration. Her artistic journey is a fusion of her love for globetrotting and her ability to transform her experiences into captivating watercolor artworks.

Whether she's sketching amidst the bustling streets of a foreign city or working from the comfort of her art studio in Athens, Antigone's dedication to her craft shines through in every stroke of her brush. Her preferred medium, watercolor, is a testament to her fascination with its transparency, often complemented by the delicate precision of an ink pen, especially when she's immersed in the great outdoors.

Nature's magnificence constantly moves Antigone, while her travels expose her to diverse cultures and mindsets that fuel her artistic inspiration. Her artistic mission revolves around capturing the essence of a scene at a precise moment, particularly when nature and the changing seasons transform archaeological sites or landscapes. She finds a special allure in scenes where humanity and nature intersect and harmonize.

For Antigone, painting serves as more than just a creative outlet; it's a form of highly active meditation. Through her art, she takes deep breaths, observes the pure beauty surrounding her, shares her emotions, promotes positivity, and unveils the world's vibrant allure through her unique perspective.

Antigone Damigou's journey as an artist is an exploration of the interplay between the beauty of nature and the spirit of human existence. Her watercolors invite us to see the world through her eyes and appreciate the profound connections that exist between art, nature, and the human soul.

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