October's Featured Artist - Lisa Troupe

Introducing Lisa Troupe, a contemporary American painter born in 1963, with her art studio nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A proud graduate of the Pennsylvania School of Art & Design (now known as PCAD), Lisa has garnered local and regional acclaim, earning numerous awards for her exceptional talent. Her canvas journeys have graced the walls of esteemed institutions, including the State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Lancaster Museum of Art, The Demuth Foundation, as well as the Harrisburg and Lancaster Art Associations. Notably, Lisa's oil paintings have found homes in private collections across the United States, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands.
The rolling farmlands of Lancaster County serve as an endless wellspring of inspiration for Lisa's artistry. Through her masterful brushwork and rich, vibrant colors, she skillfully conveys a palpable sense of motion in her panoramic landscapes. Her art thrives on the interplay of colors, where they dance and converse, adding a crucial dimension to her creations. Texture, movement, and the intriguing distortion of perspective all contribute to the depth of her work. In her own words, "My choice to paint landscapes isn't about replicating reality; it's about capturing the essence and movement of a place. My goal is to transport the viewer to unexplored yet familiar realms."
Beyond her studio, Lisa's passion for art extends to her global explorations. She has immersed herself in the rich history of art through international travel, with visits to iconic cities such as Paris, France; the enchanting west coast of Ireland; the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, Holland; the artistic heart of Brussels, Belgium; and, most recently, the captivating landscapes of Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.
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