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Made for Artists

Let me tell you about our new La Negra Split Leg Apron. Our staff, our artist friends, our kids... we've all road tested and art tested, and we came up with a hot looking design. Form meets function in this très chic artist wear.

  • We wanted an apron to match our casual style. We wear pants (or sweats, leggings, etc.) and we wanted coverage when we're sitting, working and creating. So, we took the split leg design from traditional pottery aprons, tailored it to our needs and wants, and gave it a cool look. This is a universal artist's apron with style.
  • Straddle your pottery wheel or your easel with La Negra. Whether you are in the salon, the kitchen, your studio, or at the work bench, La Negra has you covered.
  • Splatter, drip and wipe your hands all over. The light-weight cotton canvas gives ample protection, while still being pliable and comfortable.
  • The angled side pockets keep your brushes and tools at the ready. Plus more pockets for phone, art implements, and more.
  • 100% Pre-Washed Cotton in black with contrasting white stitching.
  • Adjustable neck strap and waist ties mean this is one-size fits all.
  • As always, 100% Guarantee.

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