Featured Artist Regina Argentin


Regina Argentin explores the subconscious in saturated color gradations that create distilled imagery layered into representational and abstract form. Her large paintings reflect the narrative with a mystic quality. Using parts of nature, wildlife and the divine feminine, she creates an ethereal landscape of mythological dystopian symbolism.

Drawings from Regina's graphic novels charcoal on paper 9 x 12”

“My recent work reflects themes and characters from my graphic novel narratives. Introspective thoughts, dreams, devotion and melancholia are depicted within images of portraiture, adventure, supernatural situations, all within a framework of the connective relationship of human beings to nature and other species. The divine feminine, animal rights and spirituality are my central themes.”

The window.

Oil on canvas


Regina Argentin received her BFA at Art Center College in Pasadena. Upon graduation, she moved to NYC to pursue her passion as a professional fine artist. She participated in solo and group shows and has won several fellowship residencies.

Drawings from Regina's graphic novels charcoal on paper 9 x 12”


Regina's favorite Artist Life product is the Washi Ruler Tape. She says it "is unique and useful. It can be used as a straight edge and measuring."


She then returned to her native city of Los Angeles to work in the film industry as an art director. In addition to art school, she received a masters degree in spiritual psychology. She continues to do fine art, exhibit, teach and has also established her own fine and decorative art business as well as a luxury vegan organic beauty product line.

Drawings from Regina's graphic novels charcoal on paper 9 x 12”

Check out more of Regina's work on her website here. Plus, you can see more of her work on The Artist Life's social channels @livetheartistlife

Selected collectors: Lee Iacocca, F. Lee Bailey, Liz and Allan Johnson, Jean Pierre
Jeunet, Beverly Cohen, Carol Little, Neil Diamond, Citibank, Stephan Dewy, Lord

Current Exhibition: Cad Fab Gallery, Culver City, CA 2021-2022

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