Featured Artist Lori Schue

Lori Van Kirk Schue is an award winning fine and graphic artist and author of many children’s and art resource books. She is an expert in art curriculum development and a professional illustrator with an international following. Her studies include Visual Communications at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Creative Psychology at George Mason University, Virginia and various art, art history, and archeology studies at Christ Church College, Oxford University, UK. 

She is currently an art instructor and exhibitor at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, where she shares her vast knowledge and experiences from her travels around the globe.

Lori is a diverse artist. She is accomplished in illustration, basketry, painting, animal portraiture, silver point drawing, colored pencil painting, collage, medieval manuscript art, botanical illustration, pottery, and printing.

She is also a fine and commercial artist, art teacher, art historian, art therapist, author and the owner of Artlingz, Inc. and SeeSayCreate, Inc. 

“The inspiration for my art comes from the natural world. I tend to gravitate to animal art, landscape or basketry and pottery. I also create inks and dyes from natural products found and cultivated in the wild gardens at my home in northern Virginia. Colored pencil and pastel are favorite mediums although I do continue to work in watercolors and oils. A special favorite is silverpoint which is the art of working with a pure silver stylus or other metal point such as copper or gold on prepared papers. This was a particular medium used by book illuminators and artists of the 14th and 15th centuries. My style is loose but controlled. I find no attraction for hyper-realistic art that copies the photographers art.”

Lori works in one of her three studios at her home in Virginia. She also teaches in person and online courses for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. She is currently working on a series of classes on art and art history.



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