Featured Artist Diana D’Arcy Gorin

 I am Diana D’Arcy Gorin, a mixed media artist based out of Southern California. You can find me on instagram @black.fox.stuff

I call my art Instagram page Black Fox Stuff because my childhood best friend and dog was a border collie named Lilah, who really always looked like a black fox. She was a total anxious mess with so much energy, just like me! The “stuff” is because I really do make a lot of stuff. I’m not just a painter:  I sew, I make short films, I do stop motion (sometimes), I embroider badly. So yeah, it’s just lots of stuff.


I draw my inspiration from nature and the overwhelming peace it brings me.

Whether that nature is Yellowstone National Park, the Santa Monica Mountains, simply smelling a bouquet of flowers, surfing in the Pacific Ocean, or just sitting in my backyard- it makes no difference to me. I love it all and can’t get enough.

I grew up spending a lot of time at my farm in central Kentucky, so when I think of the place I imagine my work truly stemming from, my mind travels there. “Spring time in Kentucky” is how i describe my work. Just imagine endless fields of wildflowers, dogwood trees, and bucks. Does and fawns running around. It’s pretty magical (except the insane pollen and humidity).

I hope with my art, the viewer can feel a little better in that moment, and forget for just a second what a drag existence can be. In other words, that sense of “I don’t want to leave, this is where I’m meant to be right now” before returning to reality... Which is coincidentally how I feel out in the woods, cruising on a mountain bike or climbing a rock wall.


You’ll find in my art a lot of colorful portraits of people, sometimes with flowers, animals too (with flowers), pressed flowers,  just always flowers. I like them! They are such a weird and fun addition to earth. We should have more.


My current favorite Artist Life product is the postcard sized watercolor booklet. It's perfect for small paintings around my current home, Newport Beach. I’ve always been fascinated with the interplay between architecture and flowers.. how it can just transform a doorway.. so I like to paint on the go. And having a handy dandy little watercolor pad is the way to do it!


  • Diana…..you are so very talented!! Best of luck to you girl!!!
    Love, Megan

    Megan Flores
  • Amazing!! Greetings from Campbellsville!! I am so proud of the beautiful work you are doing!! Congrats!!

    Kay Howell
  • Diana! I’m so happy for you and so proud of you! I always enjoy seeing your work on your Facebook page. Love you, your art, and your adventures, Beautiful Lady! ❤️🐈‍⬛🌻🌺🌷


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