Featured Artist Allison Adams

Allison Adams

In honor of Women's History Month we are spotlighting Allison Adams. Adams is an artist from San Clemente, CA. Her current collection focuses on the strength and inspiration of the women of our world. She has thrown herself into this collection to learn and inspire from the great women of the world. 

Sojourner Truth

Lucille Ball


My "Groundbreaking Girls" series began in 2017 simply as a search for inspiration. Recently widowed, and beginning to focus on the next chapter as a single parent and artist, I found strength and empowerment in the stories of trailblazing women throughout history. I began to paint portraits of these women, bringing vibrancy to the old black and white photographs I had found. I try to capture the spirits of these women who would certainly be cheering us on today.

As we learn their stories and look into their eyes, we remember our heritage as women and girls: creative, resilient, and courageous.

Adams at her show.

Simone Biles

I think its so great that more and more people are finding their artistic outlets. It's so important for opening the heart of humanity, let alone for our personal joy and health. The Artist’s Life is providing a beautiful, stylish, and easy-to use platform where people can order their supplies and feel encouraged at the same time. It's so important for artists of any level to feel supported. 
Joan of Arc
Toni Morrison
Currently, I have a one-person show at the Muckenthaler Museum and Cultural Center in Fullerton, CA. It is up through Women’s History Month (weekdays 10-5). I have speaking events here throughout the month - stay in touch with The Artist Life for updates.
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