Featured Aritst Jon'te Aycox

Jon'te Aycox is an Artist and self-published Writer from Las Vegas NV. He was born 05/21/1979 in Japan Tokyo - his dad was in the military. Jonte is African American and part Cherokee Indian. 

There's room for every type of artist and every type of art. Nonrealistic and realistic, everyone deserves that platform to express themselves and their style.

He discovered his passion for the arts, at nine years old. He always sat at the table in the kitchen, drawing, while all the other kids were outside playing. He continued his love for art through classes in elementary, middle school, and high school. The more he learned, the more passionate he became. Over the years, his craft started to develop, improving more and more. 

Jon'te expresses himself through his unique style by using a variety of acrylic paints. His art ranges in subject matter from nature to portraits; animals to humans; abstract to spiritual. 

In addition to painting, Jon'te is also a writer. His passion for writing was discovered later in life. To showcase his work, he created his blog in 2010 (link below), on WordPress, which has all his writings. 

His writing varies from poetry to spiritual writings.  Additionally, Jon’te writes short stories that take the reader on adventures. His writings are fictional with relatable themes. In his words, he gives “Inspiration, happiness, and positivity.” Jon’te The Artist writes from the heart.

Jon'te was always taught to give back through his passion, gifts, and talent. To give back, every Christmas he created Angel Art pieces for his coworkers, to spread cheer, and happiness. Additionally, he donated one of his pieces to Erlanger Health System hospital in Chattanooga, TN. 

Jon'te recently showcased his art in a gallery with other Las Vegas artists. The show was by a non-profit called Think Art. Think Art brings artists together in the community to display their art, and support art schools and organizations. In 2020, during the pandemic, Jon’te was a featured artist in an online gallery Art Fest.

He also creates custom pieces for people's homes. Plus, he sold his art online on Artpal. Anytime that he sells a piece of art, he donates part of his earnings to favorite animal shelters and other good causes. Jon’te is an entrepreneur and loves to share his art with the world. He has 2 self published books on Amazon (link below). Additionally, he sells his art on leggings, mugs, accessories, and prints (info below). 

Through all that Jon'te does, he hopes to continue to give back, making the world a better place.

Jonte understands the balance of life. Beyond art, he enjoys singing karaoke, going for walks, hikes, to the gym. He finds his mind stimulated spirituality by attending church, reading the Bible, and learning from pastors. His calming activities are cooking, watching movies, and reading. 

For more info on Jon'te, please check out the links to his sites:








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