August’s Featured Artist - Theresa Bond

The natural world has an unparalleled ability to inspire artists and ignite their creativity, and Theresa Bond is no exception. As a talented artist, wife, mother, grandmother, and a concerned global citizen, Theresa's life experiences and deep connection with nature shape her artistic expression in profound ways. Her passion for the environment and the future of our planet greatly influence the themes she chooses to explore in her captivating artwork.

Theresa Bond's artistic journey began in Brazoria County, Texas, where she first discovered her love for art. In 1992, she made the transformative decision to move from Houston to Austin, seeking new horizons and opportunities to nurture her creativity. Her educational path was characterized by its diversity, as she attended five different colleges over a span of 23 years. Despite the challenges she faced, Theresa's determination led her to achieve her first degree in Studio Art in 2004. Undeterred, she pursued and successfully earned a second bachelor's degree in Fine Art in 2006, both from the prestigious University of Texas at Austin.

One of the defining aspects of Theresa Bond's artistic approach is her belief in finding true beauty in the smallest of moments. Whether it's the delicate flutter of a butterfly's wings or the serene stillness of a sunset, she aims to capture the essence of these fleeting instances in her creations. Her artwork becomes a canvas for the emotions and reflections that these moments evoke within her, inviting viewers to share in her profound experiences.

Theresa's artistic repertoire boasts a diverse array of mediums, each reflecting her exceptional talent and versatility. She is a master of printmaking, skillfully employing techniques like intaglio, cyanotype, serigraph, relief, and monotype to create mesmerizing visual narratives. Additionally, Theresa immerses herself in the world of painting, deftly wielding watercolors and acrylics to bring her visions to life with vibrant hues and evocative strokes. Moreover, her innovative approach extends to creating found object art, where discarded items find new purpose and meaning under her skillful hands.

Central Austin has become the cherished home for Theresa and her husband, providing a nurturing environment for her artistic pursuits. Together, they share their lives with a spirited and beloved rescued mutt, adding a touch of joy and companionship to their journey.

Theresa Bond's artistic endeavors are far more than just expressions of creativity; they are a testament to her deep-seated concern for the environment and the future of our planet. Through her art, she raises awareness of mankind's impact on our surroundings and calls upon others to join in preserving the natural world that serves as her everlasting muse.

In a world where nature's beauty often goes unnoticed amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Theresa's artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the marvels that surround us. Her unique ability to translate her emotions, concerns, and reflections into art is an inspiration to all who encounter her work.

As Theresa Bond continues to embrace life's intricacies and the wonders of nature, she remains committed to using her artistic talents to inspire others and contribute positively to our world. Through her exceptional artistry, she opens our eyes to the profound connection between humanity and the natural world, urging us all to appreciate, protect, and cherish the beauty that surrounds us.

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Instagram: bondartist

Facebook: Theresa Bond Zelazny

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